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25 February 2007 @ 12:59 am
APCKRFAN's Master List of Fics  
This page last updated April 26, 2016.

Below you will find a story and message # index for my fics located at apckrfansfic. A general note regarding my labeling. The headers for each fic will be in this format: FIC: Title Part#/Total Parts Rating (fandom) 'ship/pairings. The BtVS fandom label is for anything that falls in the Buffyverse, including Angel the Series. For multi-part fics, the number linked here will be part 1. You can get to the other parts from Part 1.

Adventures in Babysitting ||
Angel the Series ||
Anita Blake ||
Bones ||
The Breakfast Club ||
Buffy the Vampire Slayer ||
Castle ||
Days of Our Lives ||
The Dead Zone ||
Dexter ||
Doctor Who ||
Dollhouse ||
Drive ||
Firefly ||
Friday Night Lights ||
Fringe ||
Gilmore Girls ||
Gone With the Wind ||
Harry Potter ||
Heroes ||
Joan of Arcadia ||
Knockaround Guys ||
Labyrinth ||
Law & Order ||
Medium ||
Person of Interest ||
Phantom of the Opera ||
Sex and the City ||
Shark ||
Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal ||
Slither ||
Smallville ||
Stephanie Plum ||
Twin Peaks ||
Ugly Betty ||
Veronica Mars ||
Witchblade ||
X-Files ||
Stand Alones

Adventures in Babysitting Fan Fiction

Owner Of A Stolen Heart

Leopards Can Change Their Spots

Hurry Down the Chimney

No More Adventures

Tomorrow Might Be Painful

Now or Never

Dirty Sweet, Windy & Wild

Taking A Chance

High Stakes

A Sweetness Down in My Soul

A Curious Thing

When Your Day Is Long

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Angel the Series Fan Fiction

She Was Some Woman

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Anita Blake Fan Fiction

Running From Olaf

In the Kiss


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Bones Fan Fiction

Just the Way You Are

One To the Kisser

Kung Fu Fighting

Leopards Can Change Their Spots

Family Remains

The Walking Dead

Maybe I Do

Gone Fishin'

Always A Bridesmaid

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The Breakfast Club Fan Fiction

Diamond in the Rough

A Taste of Love

Bikini Season

Night Tears

The One I Want To Go Through Time With (WIP)

Slip A Sable Under

You Put the Magic In Me

The One Your Mother Warned You About

With All That I've Done Wrong

Flawed Existence

Some Sugar Tonight

Maybe Next Week

Teach Me To Live

Just How I Feel

Cold As Stone

Breaking It Wide Open

I Turned Away

Disagree To Part Added (sequel to Slip A Sable Under)

Moment's Pleasure (A smutty TBC/AiB crossover)
Added 04/11/2016

Take You Everywhere

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fan Fiction

Buffy/Angel(us) stories

An X-Halloween

Memories That Weren't There

Giving In To Passion

A Little Less of a Fruitcake

The Girl Gets Around

Who Are You?

I'll Take Off Your Shoes

As the Fates Allow


To Live And Die In LA

Let the Sun Shine In

Just the Way You Are

Do You Wanna Dance With Me?

No Use Crying Over Spilt MOO

Running Down A Dream

Abandoned Defenses

Sun in the Day, Moon At Night

The Stuff Life Is Made Of

The Problem Is Very Deep

So Far Away

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Buffy, Angel(us) & Spike stories

Room For One More

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Buffy/Caleb (or just Caleb)

Dance With the Enemy

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Buffy/Riley stories


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Buffy/Giles stories

Entrepreneurial Spirit

A Shortage of Sweet Dreams

Revealing Kisses

Sombreros and Scotch Take the Edge Off

In A Pinch

Truth Doesn't Have To Hurt

Another Birthday, Another Year

His Eyes Don't Deceive

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Buffy/Xander stories

Mornings After Can Be Bittersweet

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Buffy/Lindsey stories

Home Sweet Home

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Buffy/Spike stories

Spike's Return


Built On Deception

His Savior?

The Woods

Bronzing It

International Flavor

Make the World Go Away

Trick or Tricks

Enemy Mine

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Buffy/Other Pairing Stories

Seventh Inning Stretch



Living On the Edge

Kung Fu Fighting

The Walking Dead

Desert Sunlight

Dying To Try

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Buffy Stories (non 'ship stories)


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Xander centric stories


Three Strikes And You're Out

Mornings After Can Be Bittersweet

Mending Broken Hearts *WIP* (Slither/BtVS/Heroes)

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Faith centric stories

I Need A Minute Of Play

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Willow centric stories

Guilt and Sorrow

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post-Episode Fic Stories

There will ultimately be at least one for each episode. These are all shorter in length, one shot deals. They may pick up after an episode, or focus on someone in an episode I thought warranted more attention, etc. They're all meant to stand alone and presume the events continue on. Think of them like vignettes. See the other document in Memories for the index of these fics since there will ultimately be so many.

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Castle Fan Fiction

Sixes and Sevens

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Days Of Our Lives Fan Fiction

Daddy's Girl

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The Dead Zone Fan Fiction

Doors Start Unlockin'

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Dexter Fan Fiction

And You Wanna Run

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Doctor Who Fan Fiction

Put On the Red Light

Waltz Her Once

It's Just You and Me

High Hats

Satin Sheets and Luxuries

Secret Longings Fulfilled

Cause To Doubt

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Dollhouse Fan Fiction

Another Saturday Night

I Know

Silent Fears Gripping Me

It Must Be Him

Ringing In My Ear

The Life That Late I Led

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Drive Fan Fiction

One Foot On the Brake

Driving Me Crazy sequel to One Foot On the Brake

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Firefly Fan Fiction


Open the Hatch

Impressionable Youth

Celebrating In Style

Positive Affirmations

Life's Renewal

Holding Out For Heroes

Spark the Fire In Me

Beneath the Bitter Snows

Set the Night On Fire Sequel to Spark the Fire In Me

The Odd Man Out

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Friday Night Lights Fan Fiction

Keeping the Crying Wolf At Bay

Cold As Ice (a drabble)

Right Here and Now

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Fringe Fan Fiction

Get There From Here

Starting Up

Ain't Never Gonna Be the Same

A Trusting Soul

Your Turn Tonight

On A Star Spangled Night

Night Breezes Whispering

Captured and Surrendered

Second Fiddle

Closure Is Only the Beginning

Saving Grace

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Gilmore Girls Fan Fiction

California Dreaming

Fighting the Fates

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Gone With the Wind Fan Fiction

The Next Morning

All Of Atlanta Turns Out

Worth $300

Gone With the Wind Retold


A Letter To Scarlett

A Chance Encounter

Letter From Wade *WIP*

The Next Generation *WIP*

Looking Skyward

Fire In the Sky

And the Bride Wore White

Midnight Whisperer

Solitude and Mourning Don’t Make For Good Bedfellows

Reconnecting At A Funeral

Family Remains

The More Things Change

'Til the End

You're My Flame

These Walls

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Harry Potter Fan Fiction

These Eyes

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Heroes Fan Fiction

Desperately Seeking

Drowning In It

Take Back the Night

Swim With the Fishes

That Sparkle In Her Eyes

Just A Minute Longer

The World On You Depends

Where Art Thou, Sister

Sending Me Crashin' Thru the Ceiling

Heading Towards Coney Island

Shooting the Messenger

Yearning, Burning Arms

Like An Eagle

Young, Special Americans

Outside Is the Storm (WIP)

Eyes Are Watching You

Nothing Like Cinderella

Cooling His Desire

No Use Cloaking It

She's the End of the Rainbow

Can't Get Close Enough

Undercover Angel

Through Underground Trains

Looks Like We Made It

Enjoying the Ride

One Foot On the Brake

See How High She Flies

The Light and the Heat

Spark the Fire In Me

Steps Back and Forward

Can't Afford To Be Innocent WIP

Take Me out

Get Out and Roll It Along

Chained To Your Side

Never What It's Supposed To Be

Feeding the Rush

Driving Me Crazy sequel to One Foot On the Brake

Set the Night On Fire Sequel to Spark the Fire In Me

The Nick of Time

Tremble Like A Flower

New Girl In Town

The Heat Is On (sequel to Feeding the Rush

Mending Broken Hearts *WIP* (Slither/BtVS/Heroes)

Where She Belongs

The Midnight Hour

Lead You To Love

Under the Electric Stars

One Way or Another

Everybody Wants To Put Me Down (sequel to Seventh Inning Stretch)

Homework Was Never Quite Like This

Visions Softly Creeping

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Joan of Arcadia Fan Fiction


A Season For

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Knockaround Guys

Everybody Wants To Put Me Down (sequel to Seventh Inning Stretch)

Seventh Inning Stretch

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Labyrinth Fan Fiction

At Nightfall

Hazy Shade

I Know It's Going To Be

Just Desserts


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Law & Order

Dying To Try Complete

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Lost Fan Fiction

Southern Comfort

Good Intentions

19th Hole

Swimming To the Moon

Wishing On A Palm Tree

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Medium Fan Fiction

Desert Sunlight

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Person of Interest Fan Fiction

Singular Side

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Phantom of the Opera Fan Fiction


From Behind the Mirror

A Better Image

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Psych Fan Fiction

That Speed Love Thing

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Sex and the City Fan Fiction

The Big Affair

No Vagabond Shoes

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Shark Fan Fiction

Comfort Zone

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Silence of the Lambs Fan Fiction

Four Months Later






Sleepless Nights


Too Much Wine

For the Sake Of Having You Near

Strictly Taboo

This is a sequel to: For the Sake Of Having You Near
Impossible Schemes

This is a sequel to: For the Sake Of Having You Near and Strictly Taboo

Dinner Companion

Following the Plan

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Slither Fan Fiction

The Nick of Time

Mama's Gonna

Mending Broken Hearts *WIP* (Slither/BtVS/Heroes)

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Smallville Fan Fiction


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Stephanie Plum Fan Fiction


Lonely Words


Holiday Cheer

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Twin Peaks Fan Fiction

Kissed Her and Then

Come and Save Me Tonight

A Time To Plant

Nothing Broken, Nothing Thrown

My Hungry Heart

Playing the Hand We're Dealt Added 04/15/2014

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Ugly Betty Fan Fiction

Blinders Off

Had To Put 'er Six Feet Under

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Veronica Mars Fan Fiction


Damaged & Bruised

Come To Me

Don't Mess With Her

Java Hut Blues

You Don't Know Jack

Along For the Ride


One Chance Too Many

The Right Time

Playful Tease WIP

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Witchblade Fan Fiction

A Healing Hand

I Know You Like It Too

Wanna Know What's Inside You

Easy As Fishing

Paying the Price

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X-Files Fan Fiction

One Saturday Night

To the Nines

The Mutant Deer

First Time

An X-Halloween

Life With the Petries

Burning Deep

Following Like A Shadow

She's No Fool

Paying the Price

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Stand Alones

Shall We Dance The King & I

Love Finds the Reverend The Client

Crossing That Line The Replacements

Making Believe They're True Picture Perfect

Triple Shot Of That Juice Agent Carter

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